As far as soundproofing a nursery goes, it’s not so much about blocking every sound possible, but rather about creating a comfortable space for your baby to sleep in, and of course, if you live on a busy street or if you have loud neighbors, you will need to do some work. But in many […]

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Generators are essential for camping, powering the fridge, AC unit, etc. in your RV and also for tailgating. The issue with most generators is that they are extremely loud, which isn’t ideal for any of these scenarios since you’re going to be driving the people around you crazy. Luckily, there are a couple generators that

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Who doesn’t love big spacious rooms? We all do! But sound tends to be a bit harder to control in these big rooms, especially because there tend to be more places where it’s allowed to get in, plus the echo can sometimes be too much. In this guide I’m going to cover the best ways

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Birds, especially parrots, are naturally loud, which means that there may be times where they get on your- or your neighbors nerves. Luckily, there are a couple ways to address this, which is what I will do in this article. So, let’s get started! Steps to Soundproofing a Bird Cage The Basic steps you should

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There are many reasons to try and minimize the sounds coming from a bathroom, aside from the obvious, there are some people that like to sing or listen to extremely loud music while in the shower. But all the noises generated in the bathroom should, ideally, have a harder time getting out. For some reason,

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Generators are very useful if you live in a place where a lot of outages occur, but they are also useful for a lot of other applications like camping, or for generating power for construction sites, etc. The one issue they have is that they tend to be VERY loud, especially the powerful ones. Buying

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I remember going to my grandparent’s house and seeing that the cellar was covered in egg cartons. The entire ceiling and walls where covered with them. I used to think that this was a viable soundproofing option since so many people used it, so years later I decided to do some research and get a

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If you’re dealing with loud roommates or family members, or if the street outside of your bedroom tends to be busy and won’t let you sleep, then it might be time to consider applying a couple soundproofing techniques. Most of what I will share in this article is very easy and affordable to do, and

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If you’re in a band, then you know how important rehearsals are, but you also know how annoying it can be for the neighbors and your family to deal with hours of loud noise every day. There are a lot of things you can do to keep the sounds from leaving the rehearsal room without

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Washing machines tend to do quite a lot of noise, but luckily this can be addressed by following a couple steps. In this post I will go into how to properly soundproof a laundry room for little to now money. Let’s get started. How to Soundproof a Laundry Room? The most important step is to

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