Hi, my name is Facundo and I decided to create this site after having to fully soundproof my home recording studio since it was getting impossible to record in without all of the outside noise getting picked up by the microphones.

I tested a bunch of different materials and techniques, and I also did a lot of research before actually purchasing the materials since I was on a very tight budget.

Although soundproofing and sound treatment were my two main objectives, I also looked a lot into the safety of the materials, such as which ones are more flammable than others, which ones could be potentially bad for my health due to prolonged exposure to them, and so on.

Now I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what materials are better to use, which ones should be avoided, and how to soundproof on the cheap.

This is why I decided to create this blog since, on the one hand, I already had a lot of knowledge going in about the topic, but because it also forces me to dig a little further and find out more information about the topic.

So hopefully, the information shared here is useful to you and makes your life quieter without having to spend too much.

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