When it comes to soundproofing windows, it’s a fairly simple process since you mostly need to use a weatherstrip to seal the gaps between the frame and the window itself, and that’s it. However, with sliding windows it gets a bit more complicated since they move, and this can create a whole new array of […]

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Fiberglass used to be the go to insulation material we put in our walls, but nowadays more and more people and resorting to foam alternatives, such as open- and closed-cell spray foam. In this article, we will be taking a look at how well spray foam does at soundproofing, and we will also be comparing

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There’s a lot of misinformation going around regarding sound absorption and soundproofing since some people think of these terms as interchangeable, but they aren’t! Rockwool is generally used for both and it’s also being marketed as the end all be all solution to your noise problems, when in reality, it’s not. So, before we go

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Hay muchas razones para insonorizar un garaje, ya sea que lo haga para poder practicar con su banda, o si lo está utilizando como taller para su trabajo o para un pasatiempo, puede molestar a sus vecinos e incluso tu propia familia si no puedes mantener los ruidos bajos. No solo es importante insonorizar su

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Si vives en uno de esos apartamentos modernos y atractivos, entonces probablemente notaste una cosa… Las paredes y el techo son extremadamente delgados, en algunos casos es como si ni siquiera estuvieran allí para empezar. Puedes escuchar los pasos de tus vecinos de arriba, puedes escucharlos discutir, y en algunos casos, incluso puedes entender lo

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Hacer una caja de cartón insonorizada es algo que generalmente te hacen hacer como un proyecto escolar, pero las cajas de cartón insonorizadas pueden tener aplicaciones de la vida real. La razón más común para hacer uno es para grabar música en casa, especialmente la guitarra eléctrica. Esto se debe a que para sacar el

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Making a soundproof cardboard box is something they usually make you do as a school project, but soundproof cardboard boxes can have real-life applications. The most common reason to make one is for recording music at home, especially electric guitar or bass. This is because in order to get the most out of a tube

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If you live in one of those modern and good-looking apartments, then you probably noticed one thing… The walls and the ceiling are extremely thin, in some cases it’s like they weren’t even there to begin with. You can hear your upstairs neighbors’ footsteps, you can hear them argue, and in some cases, you can

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There are a lot of reasons to soundproof a garage, whether you are doing it to be able to practice with your band, or if you are using it as a workshop either for your job or for a hobby, you might upset your neighbors and even your own family if you can’t keep the

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Soundproofing a Vehicle is something that anyone who doesn’t own a luxury car should consider doing. There’s a reason why luxury cars are so silent. This is because of more than one reason, not just better sound insulation, but the soundproofing in those cars is definitely a lot better than in most. Luckily, this is

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