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Fiberglass used to be the go to insulation material we put in our walls, but nowadays more and more people and resorting to foam alternatives, such as open- and closed-cell spray foam. In this article, we will be taking a look at how well spray foam does at soundproofing, and we will also be comparing […]

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There’s a lot of misinformation going around regarding sound absorption and soundproofing since some people think of these terms as interchangeable, but they aren’t! Rockwool is generally used for both and it’s also being marketed as the end all be all solution to your noise problems, when in reality, it’s not. So, before we go

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Making a soundproof cardboard box is something they usually make you do as a school project, but soundproof cardboard boxes can have real-life applications. The most common reason to make one is for recording music at home, especially electric guitar or bass. This is because in order to get the most out of a tube

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If you live in one of those modern and good-looking apartments, then you probably noticed one thing… The walls and the ceiling are extremely thin, in some cases it’s like they weren’t even there to begin with. You can hear your upstairs neighbors’ footsteps, you can hear them argue, and in some cases, you can

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There are a lot of reasons to soundproof a garage, whether you are doing it to be able to practice with your band, or if you are using it as a workshop either for your job or for a hobby, you might upset your neighbors and even your own family if you can’t keep the

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Whether you’re driving a regular van or a camper van, you know that they are generally very noisy vehicles. Not only are vans noisy, they also have bad heat insulation which means that in the summer they feel like an oven, while during the winter you feel like you’re going to freeze in them. Most

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So, you live in one of those modern apartments which look great but lack acoustic insulation, meaning that you can hear and even understand what your neighbors are saying. The shared walls, also known as party walls, in these kinds of apartments tend to be thin and hollow, and sound has a very easy time

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So, you woke up one morning and got ready to go to work. You get in your car and start it only to find that it’s making some unusual noises. This may very likely be the lifter. Here’s a complete guide on what you should do about it to fix it. What is a Lifter?

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Working from home is fantastic. Not having to commute and deal with traffic is something that I love now that I’ve started working from home. However, working from home means that you won’t be in a typical work environment where excessive noises, like the ones your kids make while playing, aren’t an issue. This is

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Air conditioners are essential for our way of life, nobody likes extremely hot or cold weather and air conditioners help with this quite a lot. However, they are very noisy, especially the older ones. In this post I will go over how to soundproof both the outdoor and the indoor units, starting with the outdoor

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