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If you live on a busy street or if you have really noisy neighbors, then you know how important the role is that acoustic insulation plays, since the difference with and without it can be as big as night and day. There are many different sound insulation materials, such as Rockwool, spray foam, cellulose, fiberglass, […]

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I already talked about spray foam and its benefits in terms of heat and sound insulation (mostly soundproofing since that’s what this website is all about), but I haven’t really talked too much about a very serious issue that spray foam suffers from which is that it’s quite flammable. In this article, I will be

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Soundproofing a Vehicle is something that anyone who doesn’t own a luxury car should consider doing. There’s a reason why luxury cars are so silent. This is because of more than one reason, not just better sound insulation, but the soundproofing in those cars is definitely a lot better than in most. Luckily, this is

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Generators are essential for camping, powering the fridge, AC unit, etc. in your RV and also for tailgating. The issue with most generators is that they are extremely loud, which isn’t ideal for any of these scenarios since you’re going to be driving the people around you crazy. Luckily, there are a couple generators that

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If you are thinking about building a rehearsal room in your house, or if you want to soundproof a room so that the neighbors won’t call the cops on you, or maybe you want to start a podcast or a YouTube channel, lowering the amount of noise that is allowed in- or out of the

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With so much false marketing going around about certain products being that much better than what they actually are, I thought it would be a good idea to address the question of whether or not soundproofing curtains really do work, since they seem to be marketed as a fantastic and cheap solution, and I think

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