Soundproof Curtains: Do they Work?

Soundproofing curtains are great at reducing the echo or reverb effect you get in a room. They are not, however, good at blocking sound from coming in to the room.

This means that they will help remove the reflection of the soundwaves on the hard surfaces inside the room but won’t provide as much isolation from outside noise.

They still help with lowering outside noise, just not as much as we were led to believe, in fact most curtains, especially the thicker ones, help with this.

This means that if you have a lot of exterior noise, using soundproofing curtains will help, but if you really want to reduce the exterior noise as much as possible, then you should consider installing soundproof windows.

Even though soundproofing curtains aren’t especially good at keeping the noise outside, they do help with adding “sound treatment” to the room.

This means that the room itself will feel a lot more silent because there will be fewer sound reflections, in other words, they make the sound die out a lot quicker.

It’s like comparing an empty room, which is extremely echoey, to a closet filled with clothes where there’s no echo at all.

Soundproofing curtains will help the room feel a lot more pleasing, from a sound standpoint.

So in other words, they do work by lowering the overall noise coming inside the room but they can’t completely block it.

How much do Soundproofing Curtains Cost?

Some companies sell their soundproof curtains for anywhere from $15 USD to $60 USD at the most.

When taking into account the amount of noise they can block and the final cost, acoustic curtains are a definite best buy when trying to soundproof a window or a door.

What are the best soundproofing curtains?

I’ve done quite a bit of research on this topic. At first, I thought that you needed to spend over $100 just for one pair of curtains, but this is just not the case, in fact, the best ones I found are quite affordable.

You can get them in a variety of colors. This will allow you to use them not just for soundproofing purposes, but also for decoration, since they actually look quite nice.

Companies tend to market them as soundproof just as a marketing gimmick, while in reality, they are very far from it since they don’t completely block the sound.

To be effective, a soundproof curtain has to be heavy, thick and tightly woven, but arguably more important than this is that they have to cover the whole window and more. They should go from ceiling to floor and also a couple of inches past the sides of the window.

If they are wider than the window, then this means that the curtain itself will have more folds which will help seal it off better.

My recommendation for the best soundproof curtains are the NICETOWN blackout soundproofing curtains. They are super affordable, easy to install and work quite well.

These are great because they have two layers, making them a bit better at keeping noises out.


Get two curtains

If you have a bit more to spend and you absolutely need to reduce the outside noise, then I’d recommend getting two pairs instead of just one and overlapping them.

The higher the density the harder it will be for the sound to get through.

Buy Long Curtains

Buy the longest curtains you can find.

If you look at the ones I recommended, you’ll see that they come in different sizes.

Choose the ones with a length of 95” since this means that they will not just hang a bit over the floor, but they will be in contact with it.

This provides a much better seal and makes it harder for noise to enter the room.

Get ceiling mounts for the curtains instead of the regular ones that attach no the walls.

Why is this?

The whole reason for this is so that the curtains are closer to the ceiling, preventing sound from entering through the top.

They should be dense

This is something that can’t be overlooked…

In order for soundproofing curtains to really work they need to be thick and dense.

This way the sound will have a much harder time getting though.


In order for the curtain to really be effective at blocking sound it needs to be of a heavy- and tightly woven material, and make sure that they are layered curtains since the extra lining makes them a lot more effective.

You should be looking for ones that are made with a suede, polyester or velvet material.

Benefits of Soundproofing Curtains

I know that the sole reason you’re thinking about buying soundproof curtains is because you want to keep as much of the unwanted noises out…

However, did you know that there are a couple other benefits to soundproofing curtains? Here are a couple of them;

  • They block out the light: This is essentially what regular curtains are for, however soundproofing curtains are thicker which means that they will also do a better job at keeping the sunlight from coming in.
  • They are easy to install: This is essential since you don’t want to have to hire somebody to install them.
  • Better insulation: Not only can they keep light and sound from coming in, but they are also super effective at conserving heat and cold, making them more energy efficient.

Other alternatives

There is one way to properly soundproof a window without having to spend a fortune on double-pane ones.

The first solution is a custom made soundproof window pane.

This panel comes with grommets, which allows you to use hooks to raise or lower the panels easily.

Even though this might be a much better solution when looking at the overall noise reduced compared to the curtains, these panels do cost a lot more, and I mean A LOT, plus since they are custom made, it takes them about 3 – 6 weeks to be delivered.

The Second solution would be installing acoustic blankets on the window.

Acoustic blankets are even more affordable than the acoustic curtains and can be used for a lot of other purposes.

The one issue I have with acoustic blankets is that you can’t easily open or close them, which means that in order to allow the sun to shine through the window, you will need to take the entire blanket down.

Still, they are an excellent alternative to soundproofing curtains.

The ones I like are the Cheap Cheap Moving Blankets which I found on Amazon, since they are affordable and work very well!


Soundproofing curtains should actually be called sound dampening curtains, since they don’t block the sound from entering or leaving the room… they just help reduce it a bit.

If you get high-quality curtains like the ones I suggested, then you should be able to notice an overall noise reduction.

Depending on the quality of the curtains you purchase, how you set them up, and if you use two pairs instead of one for just one window, you might achieve a greater or lesser reduction in noise.

In most cases soundproofing curtains are more than enough, but if you really want to take things to the next level, then you should probably consider soundproofing your windows or even getting double-pane windows.

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